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This unofficial add-on is the wholly independent product. It is neither authorised or sponsored by, nor licensed or affiliated with Interplay Productions, Black Isle Studios or BioWare Corporation. Baldur's Gate, Baldur’s Gate II and Icewind Dale are the trademarks of BioWare Corporation and Black Isle Studios. All titles, items, characters and art found, implemented, described or referred to in this add-on are trademarks of their respective companies. This project is absolutely non-commercial and non-profit, and may not be distributed commercially in any forms or in any parts.


20.11.2005 The new version TS v6.05 is compatible with NeJ2 v6.02 and available for download from the download page. It should be installed prior to installation of NeJ2. For more questions please read our F.A.Q. and visit our forum boards.

09.01.2005 The new version of TS v6.02 is available for download. This is the WeiDU converted version of the TS v5.06 that means it is basically compatible with any other mod which doesn't change the interface of the game. For more questions and details please visit our F.A.Q. and our forum boards.

28.07.2004 The site is reopened again for public access. There is no much new in development of TS but still may you browse the gallery, download patches or tutorial and visit my new forum boards.

10.03.2004 Welcome to our renovated site! Many new elements of this and other pages are made by Killean. Thanks man and sorry for removing the frames and java scripts, I have problems with them, particularly with the menu script. Anyway, you made an exellent site, thanks! You will be all surprised to learn that I'm planning to continue working on the Tortured Souls mod. The first thing I'm going to do is WeiDU conversion. Also I would like to introduce some new fixes and improve general performance of the game. I cannot promise that it will be soon because NeJ is my first priority but I beleive that IE games live forever!

Kachiko: Taking notes, Jan?

Jan: I must not forget any detail of what happened on the Island. I have come up with the most potentially profitable business. We are going to make a tourist attraction out of your story, Kachiko. Charge to enter in the crypt, see you there dead… Then Yoshimo comes and gives you that big romantic kiss and you come back to life. And then the families run in bashing each other on the head and crying for the death of both of you. My cousin Willy he’d write good play about that and…

Kachiko: Jan, we do not even know where the Island is! How are you going to bring the tourists there?

Jan: You do not need the Island, girl! That the whole point! We are going to dig some cave near Athkatla and say that it all happened there…

Kachiko: How many Kara-Turian families have you seen in Athkatla?

Jan: None of course! But we do not need Kara-Turians. Locals like local stories. We’d give you some pretty names like Jula and Romano and your families would be say rival clans… Or may be Harpers and Shadow Thieves? Cousin Willy, he is good at that. Speaking of about cousin Willy, have I ever told you how he wrote his first play? Actually it’s funny, because he did not write it… Did I tell you about that?