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This unofficial add-on is the wholly independent product. It is neither authorised or sponsored by, nor licensed or affiliated with Interplay Productions, Black Isle Studios or BioWare Corporation. Baldur's Gate, Baldur’s Gate II and Icewind Dale are the trademarks of BioWare Corporation and Black Isle Studios. All titles, items, characters and art found, implemented, described or referred to in this add-on are trademarks of their respective companies. This project is absolutely non-commercial and non-profit, and may not be distributed commercially in any forms or in any parts.


20.11.2005 The final cumulative patch for Never Ending Journey Second Edition v6.02 is available for download from the download page. It should be installed right after installation of NeJ2 v4.2b and only over this version. This patch cannot be applied to any previous versions of NeJ2 or to the versions already patched previously. The new and final version resolves compatibility issues with a new version of TS v6.05. If you want to install both mods and enjoy their combination please install TS v6.05 first. For more questions please visit our forum boards.

14.09.2005 The new version of Never Ending Journey Second Edition v4.2b and the following cumulative patch v6.0a are available for download from the download page. Enjoy this great mod!